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What Is All-Natural Red And Infrared Light Therapy Treatment


What Is Red light therapy:


1. Red light is a medical term that uses integrated light waves from visible light meter (and infrared light meters) for external radiation. This produces both important biological effects as well as therapeutic effects. Many diseases can be treated with red light.

2. Red light is most absorbent to mitochondria in cells. Red light exposure can cause an increase in the activity of catalase within mitochondria, which can lead to increased cell metabolism, protein synthesis, and ATP decomposition. This can promote wound healing, strengthen cell regeneration, improve immune function, and promote white blood cell phagocytosis.


What Is Infrared Light Therapy:


Infrared light treatment is an ancient form of medicine that uses infrared radiation to treat diseases. The wound is exposed for a short time to infrared radiation, which reduces discomfort.


Infrared light characteristics


Infrared electromagnetic radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation that has wavelengths shorter than visible light, but longer than radio waves. Infrared is distinguished by its ability to provide all the benefits of sunlight, without the harmful effects of sun radiation. Infrared light can be divided by wavelength into three types: medium, long, and short. Infrared light can also be produced by heat radiation. The sun, firelights and light bulbs can all emit infrared. Infrared light penetrates deep into the skin, reaching 2-3 cm. It is not visible to the naked eye.


Infrared light therapy works


This treatment uses infrared radiation to treat diseases. This treatment does not require the use of drugs. Infrared light is used to treat painful or injured body parts. It penetrates the skin to release nitric dioxide, which relaxes blood vessels and prevents blood clots. This increases blood flow to the area that has been injured. This increases blood flow to the injured area, which results in more oxygen and valuable nutrients. This treatment speeds up healing and makes the patient feel comfortable.


Infrared Therapy


* Acne When infrared light treatment is used, adenosine Triphosphate (the chemical that converts chemical energy into metabolic processes within cells) is activated in skin cells and kills bacteria. Acne is only healed when there is no bacteria or inflammation.

* Chronic pain Infrared light can be used to treat chronic pain due to arthritis, neck pain, stiff muscles, or other conditions.

* Sports Injury Most athletes experience headaches, pain, and swelling due to nerve cell injury or sprains. Infrared light stimulates the release of endorphins by stimulating nerves. Endorphins can be naturally used to reduce pain.

* Diabetic Wounds Diabetics have lower levels nitric dioxide in their blood, as insulin-dependent blood vessels are less able to handle nitric oxygen. Diabetic patients often have difficult to heal external wounds. Infrared light promotes the release and improvement of nitric oxygen, which in turn increases blood flow. Wounds heal quicker when there is more blood circulation.

* High blood Pressure – High bloodpressure can cause serious health problems such as stroke and heart attack. Infrared light can be used to increase blood circulation and lower blood pressure by reducing the pressure on your heart to pump blood throughout your body.


Infrared Light Therapy: The Advantages


It is easy to use and is painless. Can quickly help patients relieve pain. It is also one of the most safest methods of disposal.


Why red/NIR light matters


According to some studies, people have nearly 1,000 times less sun than their ancestors.

People are well aware of three major adverse effects of not getting out in the sun: low vitamin, circadian rhythm disturbances and pallor. These three components are key to our disastrous decline in health.

Many people are unaware of the serious consequences of not exposing themselves to red and near-infrared lights. These are often overlooked because they are not as obvious. People think that shrinking is normal. But, just like a plant losing its sun, so is the human body.


Red and near-infrared are both important


One of the most common reasons for this is the effect of cytochrome C oxidase, the mitochondrial enzyme. Cytochrome c oxidase is an enzyme that combines oxygen and produces ATP in the electron transport chain.

Research has shown that near-infrared and red light are necessary for maximum efficiency.

This is essential, given my newfound belief that optimal cellular energy function is directly linked to health. It’s no surprise that there are many benefits. I’ll briefly discuss them below.

Dr. Michael Hamblin believes that nitric dioxide can bind to CCO, displace oxygen, and cause cells to be subjected to stress. This eventually blocks ATP production.

Studies have shown that near-infrared/red spectroscopy can detach NO from enzymes and allow oxygen to recombine.

Red and near-infrared radiation is also important for cellular hydration. Water is actually a photoreceptor, whose structure can be altered by light interaction.

Our cells can be compared to water-filled balloons in many ways. Water can become viscous or hydrated depending on how it reacts to light. A 2015 study found that near-infrared and red light can make water viscous. This actually increases ATP production.

Red and near-infrared lights have powerful anti-inflammatory properties by inhibiting prostaglandins. We need red/near infrared light now more than ever, as our world is flooded with inflammatory toxins.

It all boils down into the fact that red light is an absolute modern panacea for increasing ATP production in mitochondria. This is vital considering that every organ, every tissue and every physiological process requires energy.

Avoiding red light is as harmful as avoiding red meat.


The Near Infrared Light Has Many Benefits


Reduce depression: Studies have shown that NIR and light can reverse depression in 6/10 people in as little as four weeks. Seriously, how is this possible? Red light can quickly reverse depression. The better question is: How much of today’s anxiety and depression is due to people staying indoors? i.e. Does adding red light help? Or the huge flaw that results.

Skin Aging: The Red/Near-Infrared does its magic on the skin. The production of collagen, elastin and other substances can be stimulated by red light. This can help skin look younger and heal any damage that has built up over time.

INCREASE YOUR HAIR GROWTH Hair can be regrown without any DHT-destroying drugs. Hair growth has been promoted by red light, which is becoming a more common problem in men. This study showed that 650 nm of red light promoted hair growth in androgenetic patients with alopecia.(hair growth treatment)

Enhances cognitive performance: Red and near-infrared lights can increase energy flow to the brain. This can lead to improved cognitive performance. Studies have been done using near-infrared devices with high power that are directly applied to the head. This is more difficult than what you can do with the available devices. It’s an excellent reason to spend more time in near-infrared and red light.

There have been thousands of studies over the last five years that have shown the benefits of near-infrared and red light.

It’s interesting, but I believe that part of why it’s so good is because there’s so much sun exposure, which results in a huge red light deficit. Our ancestors spent the day in the sun and then gathered at night around a campfire. This means that if the same study was done on ancient hunter/gatherers, the benefits would be the same.

Red light is almost non-existent in the modern world. We now have an epidemic of inadequate light, similar to the malnutrition crisis. This is not a new trend…it just helps to restore one thing that the modern world has rendered obsolete.