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For hair growth and hair loss prevention, try a laser scalp massage comb, an electric hair growth comb, or a light therapy hair brush.

Do you have hair issues? Let’s work together to find solutions using this premium hair massaging comb. A survey found that roughly 25% of people worldwide experience hair-related issues. Hair loss and dry hair in both men and women have become widespread due to rising levels of stress, late nights, and nutritional issues. These issues are perfectly resolved by our hair massaging comb.

✔Increases blood circulation to the scalp – The mild red and blue light therapy wavelengths can assist you in improving your blood circulation so that oxygen and nutrients can be delivered to the hair follicles, hence reducing the effects of hair loss. Controls oil production, promotes healthy hair, and enhances hair quality.
✔Healthy feeling – A scalp massage might make you feel more calm and satisfied. Effectively stimulates hair follicles and can activate 83% of hair follicles after a brief sleep period to reduce hair loss and promote hair regrowth. It improves blood circulation, relaxes, and relieves fatigue when combined with vibration massage. Regular use can help avoid headaches and migraines.
✔ Better sleep – Depending on how the massage site is used, those suffering from insomnia may find relief from a scalp massage. Many people sleep better when they get regular massages, and their ability to fall and stay asleep improves. In contrast, scalp massage can assist those who are tired feel more energized.

Best Hair Growth Combs
Best Hair Growth Combs
Best Hair Growth Combs
Best Hair Growth Combs
Best Hair Growth Combs
Best Hair Growth Combs
Best Hair Growth Combs
Best Hair Growth Combs

【Newly Designed Laser Scalp Massage Comb】This hair massage comb is ideal for men and women who suffer from hair loss, dry hair, and poor sleep quality. It massages acupuncture points on the head while combing hair and works with laser light treatment to unclog sebaceous ducts, reduce and control oil secretion, and alleviate hair loss and sleep difficulties from the source.
【Red and blue laser light therapy】Special-*0 red and blue light may enter epidermal cells to the root of hair follicles, profoundly nourish hair roots, reduce head pressure, limit oil secretion, prevent pore blockage, and firm and smooth hair roots.
【massage contacts and magnet physiotherapy】The scalp massage comb has 23 gentle massage contacts and magnets. Physical therapy might help to improve blood circulation by massaging the head. Hair development can be aided by high frequency vibration.
【Adjustable Intensity and Static Disappear】The huge LED screen displays the three intensity levels of the hair growth comb. Working gears and modes are visible at a glance, and you can switch between them as needed. And the memory is turned off the next time you switch it on, so there is no need to reset, considerably enhancing efficiency and saving time. The conductivity of the hair will conduct static charge to the ground, effectively reducing static electricity.
【Enjoy Massage Time】You can get a massage anyplace. After a tough day of work, use it to get a massage to help relieve stress. After a long travel, have a massage to recharge your batteries. Get a massage before going to bed; it will help you sleep better.

Best Hair Growth Combs
Best Hair Growth Combs

Q: What payment ways are available?

A: We suggest trade assurance. Also we accept TT. Western Union, Cash and more other option.

Q: How do you ship the goods and how long does it take?

A: Usually by DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT. It usually takes 3-6 days to arrive. By air, by sea are also acceptable.

Q: The product packaging boxes were damaged by the express!

A: We suggest you purchase by carton, as well as ship by containers but not express.(Although we will 100% protect cartons for all products sold.)

Q: When can I get the price of laser therapy cap for hair regrowth?

A: Usually we quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.

Q: What’s your MOQ of laser therapy cap for hair regrowth?

A: If we have the products in stock, it will be no MOQ. If we need to produce, we can discuss the MOQ according to customer’s exact situation.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: The general delivery time is 15 days after receiving your order confirmation. Anther, if we have the goods in stock, it will only take 1-2 days.

Q: Do you provide sample ? Is it free?

A: If the sample is low value, we will provide the free sample with freight collect. But for some high value samples, we need to collect the sample charge.

Q. How to return if product defective?

A:All hair helmet laser products are under one year warranty. We will offer online support or replace it if the product you received is defective.

Q. Are you a factory or trading company?

A:We are manufacture and factory supply in Shenzhen.

Q. Is the material used environmentally friendly?

A:Yes. We produce goods with eco-friendly material.