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How Often Can You Do Red Light Therapy

How Often Can You Do Red Light Therapy

How Frequently Should You Use Red Light Therapy

Experts and equipment manufacturers recommend that you do this 3-5 times per week, for 10-20 minutes each. It is comprehensive because it follows the principle of red light therapy. Red light therapy is not intended to treat problems at the surface, or cover them up. It can instead enhance the natural healing abilities of cells

Red Light Therapy Can You Be Done Twice Daily?

Is there a best time to do phototherapy? You decide what is most useful. It doesn’t matter how many times you do it, so long as you practice optical therapy consistently, no matter what time of day or night.

What Factors Affect The Frequency And Duration Of Red Light Therapy Treatments?

Tolerance: Some people feel that light can cause a slight stimulation to their eyes and skin. This is temporary and normal.

Time arrangement: Many people find the red light of their equipment soothing. They can use it to meditate, practice yoga, or listen to podcasts or audiobooks. However, many people have busy schedules and find it difficult to train multiple times per week. Some studies have shown that red light therapy can be effective even for a few minutes per day, sometimes even twice per week. You don’t need to feel guilty about keeping the meeting short.

Your equipment: Red light therapy’s effectiveness is dependent in large part on how efficient and functional your device. The efficiency of SGROW Red Light Therapy Panel is three to four times greater than other brands on the market. This is due to energy output, LED quantity, and beam angle. In other words, faster results are possible with more powerful equipment

Final Conclusion: Daily Red Light Therapy Is The Best Option

We recommend that you seek advice at least 3-5 times per week for 10-20 minutes each. However, this is all up to you and your body. You should consider red light therapy as a way to improve your life and not increase pressure. Instead, listen to your body and do positive things. The key to seeing the results is to use phototherapy as often as you can. Ideal is to use phototherapy 2-3 times per day for certain conditions, such as lips herpes, or other skin problems.