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EM01 Red Light Therapy Eye Mask

This product adopts food-grade silicone material. Red and near-infrared light 630 & 850nm=1:1, remove eye bags and improve the skin around the eyes. It does not hurt the skin, is safe and reliable—fully encapsulated design, simple operation, and more efficient. Built-in battery full power can last more than 60 minutes and one-piece button design—simple and generous product appearance. Storage and carry easily. FPC flexible circuit board, foldable, using one-piece molding. The damage rate is greatly reduced. With a double strap hole design, stable, easy and comfortable to use. Comes with a human bionic design eye mask. Can reduce the light on the eyes of the stimulation, and wear more comfortably. The lamp cover adopts a one-piece molding design, reducing functional after-sales service. The visual experience is more lofty.

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