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    How long do I need to use red light therapy to see the benefits?
    Like many things related to health - the answer is 'it depends'.
    It depends on the device used, how long you use it for, your health problem etc etc.
    I personally saw tremendous health benefits in a few weeks of regular use (read more about my experiences here). I know of family members and clients that have noticed less pain and inflammation from using a red light device after 1 session.
    And I also know that red light devices speed up wound healing and help me recover from gym workouts - this occurs after only a handful of sessions.
    Meanwhile something like hair regrowth using RLT seems to take much longer - months, maybe even years of regular use before you see the benefits.
    As mentioned, it depends on many variables. The biggest variable being 'what do you mean by benefits'.
    I highly recommend reviewing THIS document that lists all the peer reviewed studies done on red light therapy for various medical conditions. I suggest you find the condition that you are seeking to improve within the document, and look at the studies related to that condition.
    Read up on the dosage protocol and of course the time needed to see results. This may be a more scientific way to find an answer to this question.

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