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    What is Red Light Therapy ?
    Red light therapy, also referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation - is the act of using red light (or near infrared light) for beneficial properties on the body.

    These beneficial properties are outlined in detail below, but red light (in the proper intensity and dose) has a therapeutic or healing effect on the tissue and body.

    Red light therapy may involve someone using a laser that emits light in red light spectrum onto an injured body part, or a red light LED shown on the body as practical examples.
    Research has show that light in the red and near-infrared spectrum has a lot of benefits on the body. This light typically ranges from 620 nanometers (nm) in length, until to around 1000nm in length.

    These specific wavelengths penetrate very deep into the bodily tissues, and are also absorbed very well by the body.

    This 600-1000nm light range makes up a very small slice of the electromagnetic spectrum as seen below:

    In fact, it only comprises a small amount of the visible light spectrum we see from our naked eye.

    Light sources such as the sun and common lightbulbs emit light in all spectrums of visible light - hence the name 'full spectrum light' and this is also why a Red Light Therapy device such as the SGROW panel will emit a red glow, whereas the sun will emit a white - yellow glow.

    Note - it does need to be noted that near infrared light at around 800-1000nm is actually invisible to the naked eye, but is included in the red light therapy 'range' due to it's health benefits.

    This is why the SGROW combo panel shown below appears to only have half of the LED lights working - in fact all are working, but only the 660nm red light LEDs are visible and the 850nm NIR lights are invisible.

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