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    How to get from Shenzhen to Shanghai ?

    There are 2 ways get to Shanghai from Shenzhen.

    If you are not in a hurry,you can by train ,enjoy the scnery on the way.
    From Shenzhenbei to ShangHai HongQiao,it will take about 11-12 hours arrive .
    There are 9 shifts total which start at 07:00am,08:22am,08:47am,09:18am,09:54am,10:40am,20:10pm,20:15pm,20:20pm.
    The cost is rmb488 for second class,rmb700 for activelying posmon.

    You can also by a plane,much more faster ,only 2 hours if on time .

    ShangHai have 2 airport,PuDong airport and Hong Qiao airport .
    Shenzhen only one airport,Bao¡¯an airport .
    From Bao¡¯an airport to PuDong or HongQiao airport mainly in the afteroom,like 15:30pm,16:05,
    Many flies ,every half hour have plane go to Shanghai .
    Costs from rmb400-rmb1500 much difference .
    Very convenience .

    No matter you from Shenzhen to Shanghai for travelling or business trip ,it¡¯s very easy and
    Fast get there .
    Any questions when you are in China,feel free contact us .
    It¡¯s a pleasure if we could help.

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