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    What¡¯s the difference between PAR and PPFD ?
    What¡¯s the difference between PAR and PPFD ?

    If you have been researching LED grow lights for your indoor plant growth facility ,you have likely been bombarded with a variety of metrics that lighting manufacturers use to market their products .Some terms and acronyms you are likely to see include :watts,LUX,PAR,PPFD.etc While all of these terms do relate to lighting,only a select few really tell you the important metrics of a led grow lights system .Today we will tell you about the difference between PAR and PPFD .

    PAR is photosynthetic active radiation .PAR light is the wavelengths of light within the visible range of 400nm to 700nm which drive photosynthesis(see above picture).PAR is much used (and often misused) term rlated to led grow lights .PAR is NOT a measurement or ¡°metric¡± like feet,inches or kilos .Rather ,it defines the types of light needed to support photosynthesis.The amount and spectral light quality of PAR light arethe important metrics to focus on .

    PPFD is photosynthetic photon flux density .PPFD measures the amount of PAR that actually arrives at the plants ,or as a scientist might say:¡±the number of photosynthetically active photons that fall on a iven surface each second¡±.PPFD is a ¡°spot¡± measurement of a specific location on your plant canopy, and it is measured in micromoles per square meter per second (umol/m2/s).

    All of our Sungrow LED grow lights test PPFD data,not PAR value .Since PPFD is much more useful and the data more real for plants absorbtion .

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