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    About COB LED grow light
    Have you heard COB LED grow light?

    Plants can not do without light, light is essential for plant growth energy sources.As we all know, light on plant photosynthesis, growth and development, shape and material metabolism and so have a regulatory role.At present in the greenhouse cultivation,The light source used to compensate for the loss of sunlight is generally fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and incandescent lamps, etc. The spectral energy distribution of these light sources is based on the human eye demand for light design, and plant growth required spectrum and the human eye needs are not the same. But the LED wavelength type is rich, There is room for greater control,and suitable for use in plant lighting.

    Compared to normal LED grow lights, our latest integrated COB(chip on board) of LEDs effectively improves the color uniformity and luminous efficiency, which make a great help in the vegetative and blooming stage of your plants.

    COB LED design perfect solution of heat dissipation system.Unique flower pattern design,more special and fashion.And making heat easier to discharge from the inside.The net cooling fan hole,the heat emitted by the lamp is discharged from here ,so that protect the lamp to function properly.Fan certified by UL.The fan is silent when it is spinning,do not worry about noise.Heat around the hole, the airflow can accelerate, the lamp cool.Surrounded by a special roof design,to prevent the water produced by the lamp during operation flows into the steam supply, result in burning.

    The newest reflector for COB LEDs:90-degree reflector cup,using precise optical design, the beam provides excellent uniform coverage with low glare.The integrated COB LED growth lamp improves color uniformity and luminous efficiency,providing a higher value of Par and better condenser to ensure better growth of plants and higher yields.Shell material for the metal,paint process molding,shell color is white.With daisy chain function and easy for install.

    The chip consists of 64 LED 3w high power lamp beads,color ratio is Red,Blue,FR,UV,Warm white.Can also be selected in accordance with the conventional 4: 1 to 10: 1, the choice of the red wavelength 620nn-630nm or 640nm-660nm, blue wavelength 460nm-470nm.It is hard to see the lights of the IR LEDs clearly by eyes. Please don't think they are not working. Instead, they play a very important role in flowering and fruiting stages of plants.

    It contains two drive power.Cooling method using aluminum plate,cooling fins and two fans cooling.Cooling effect is very good.To ensure the normal working environment of the lamp beads to extend the life of the lamp beads to improve the light source of the plant¡¯s effectiveness and stability.Sunflower radiator heat dissipation system,effectively improves the heat-sinking effect.With our unique sunflower radiator,the bottom of the chip temperature is below 48¡æ.Ensure the light work in very good condition and enjoys the longer lifespan.

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