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    How much do you know about indoor grow ?
    As we all know,indoor grow including greenhouse ,hydroponics,tissue culture,plant factory,plants in offices,hotels,restaurants.etc All of the growers want to have a big harvest while keeping costs down .
    As many growers have found out over the course of human history,even the sun needs some help from time to time.It¡¯s estimated that between 30-50 percent of solar radiation is blocked by greenhouse structures and glazing before it gets to plants.In areas with long dark winters and short growing seasons,this is an even bigger challenge and necessitates the use of suplemental lighting for optimal crop production.Forward-thinking growers are leaning everday that the best lighting sources for indoor operations primary or supplemental are LEDs.
    Horticultural LED systems and the spectral science they have made possible have already revealed some amazing effects,including using light alone to create bigger yields per plant;producing more marketable crops overall;and changing the wavelength of light to change the flavor of foods. For these reasons and others ,LEDs are on their way to replacing legacy lighting systems in many new and newly renovated growing operations .
    Grow lights are one of the most important elements of indoor grows. Wheather you¡¯re a seasoned hydroponic grower or just looking to extend the growing season,buying the right indoor grow light is essential .
    Here are a few common ways indoor grow lights are used:
    1) To grow plants from start to finish in an indoor grow system
    2) To start seeds in preparation for the spring growing season
    3) To finish off plants that need a bit more sun than the season i providing
    4) To successfully propagate and root cuttings
    5) As a way to extend the daylight hours for plans grown in the sun
    6) To grow plants harvested at a young age,like baby greens,herbs and microgreens
    The biggest LED plant factory which grow lettuce is in Japan ,they made it successfully with LED instead of fluorescent tube .
    Led used for indoor grow is a trend and will instead of traditinal lights like HID,HPS finally .

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