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    Sungrow led
    The future of LED have arrived .
    3 assembledin-USA product lines to bring your indoor garden to the 21st century
    A LED light for every grower
    X3 is our most popular product designed for the indoor grower who demands maximum yield and the highest efficiency .X3 used lensed LEDs plus our unique secondary lens to achieve 50% deeper penetration than HID lights using 60% less energy .It is the light of choice for maximum yield cannabis farmers holding 3 consecutive world records for the highest yielf ever achieved on a single autoflower variety .X3 is capable of supporting plants up to 72¡± in height ,and delivers greater penetration with reduced coverage over alpha .
    UNDEFEATED in the grow light industry since 2009

    Many claim to be the best,but hydro grow remains undefeated in side-by-side grow competitions for 8 years running .That¡¯s right,no HID orLED grow light has ever bested our products since our first penetrator model was released in 2009.So rest assured that you¡¯re purchasing the best performing product known to man regardless of what our competitors claim .

    Solid States(SS) lighting has reached a new pinnacle with an intelligent and cost-saving design like no other.

    The industry¡¯s beefiest heat sink at 5lb/ft,made of the highest thermal grade T6063 aluminum for maximum heat dissipation

    The heat sink doubles as the casing which not only reduces manufacturing costs but provides active and passive cooling

    Revolutionary new magnetic closure system allows you to open your light for service in seconds with no tools or frustrations -SIMPLE

    One spectrum for supercharged growth
    Testing by Russian Scientists and NASA show that when your plants are exposed to a single spectrum throughout all stagest of growth ,they can grow up to 30% faster and produce up to 50% higher yields !This debunks the myth that plants need a blue-dominant light in veg and a red-dominant light in bloom .Instead they need one carefully calibrated spectrum the whole way through to give you the best results

    Refined after more than 8 years of research and University partnerships ,then created with testing equipment that only exists at our facilities in Florida,our latest G4 spectrum is the undisputed heavy-weight champion of the world .At 4X the yield of high pressure sodium (per watt),nothing grows your plants faster or stonger than our G4 spectrum .

    Comprised of 10% blue ,15% green and 75% red light,G4 gives your plants everything they need for all phtosynthetic processes while providing the perfect visible (white¡± spectrum for your eyes.When then supercharge your growth rates by adding in far-red light and speed up the entire growth cycle using green light to satisfy the quantum effect .If it¡¯s over your head don¡¯t worry about it ,because not one of our competitors understands the science like we do .Just know that our science gives you up to 4X the yield of HID -something no other LED manufacturer can prove .
    1,Built to last for decades
    Designed to be the last grow light you ever purchase ,SS is made of high grade aluminum so your casing will never rust .
    2,Lowest Mantenance Cost
    Time is money .SS had the fastest parts replacement of any LED grow light ,giving you the lowest mantenance cost in the industry
    3,Fully Customizable
    Mix and match product lines on a bracket ,adjust the lights to your liking and even expand to more lights in the future.
    4,Energy efficient
    SS grow lights use up to 60% less energy to produce higher yields of better finished quality than HID
    5,high power leds
    Our 3W leds operate at 600mA current ,giving you more power and PAR for your money without reducing efficiency
    18AWG internal wiring allows you to link multiple SS units in series up to 800W in total
    7,100% recyclable
    Every part to make SS is non-hazardous and fully recyclable ,helping you do your part to keep our planet green
    8,voltage options
    SS is configured for 110V-240V operation world wide ,however power supplies up to 480V are available via special order
    9,Growth Performance
    Our record-setting G4 spectrum gives you 100% absorption efficiency resulting in unrivaled growth rates for increased profits

    5 years of waranty protection
    For the first time ever because we are so confident in the quality and reliability of our products ,we are offering a 5-year warranty on all SS grow lights (the longest in the industry)

    Compare our warranty o other brands offering you 1,2 or 3-year warranties and there is no question that no one else stands behind their products like Hydro grow.Sot sit back ,relax and enjoy the next 5 years of growing knowing that we¡¯ve got your back.

    There are many similar ¡®looking¡¯ products on the market ,but just because something looks similar does not mean it performs the same.Every part that used to make SS is of the highest finished quality,from the world¡¯s brightest LED chips (per color,tested yearly),to the most efficient heat sink material available,and the most reliable power supply we¡¯ve ever tested with less than a 0.5% failure rate after 20,000 working hours!Every part within SS was custom developed by hydro grow to give you the best gowing experience and yields possible .Accept no imitations.

    Your One-Stop OEM Solution
    SS is too amazing a product to keep to ourselves.So we are opening up our technology and R$D to the rest of the world for the first time in our history as a company .
    Want to startyour own company selling LED lights ? Need a product developed for your facility?Whether you are in need of a customized product or trying to enter into the industrial,horticultural aquatic or medical LED industries ,our solidworks certified CAD developers can help you achieve or exceed your goals .We gladly welcome your request for any high quality OEM solution

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