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  • 1200W Led Grow Light
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    1200W Led Grow Light
    • 1200W Led Grow Light
    • 1200W Led Grow Light
    • 1200W Led Grow Light
    • 1200W Led Grow Light
    Product Name:1200W Led Grow Light
    Product Model:MAX1200

    Led Chip:240pcsX 5W
    Avg Power: 460W
    Input voltage:AC 90-265v
    Color :Full Spectrum 12 Band


    Product Feature
    This MAX seire is adopt advanced brand 5w led chip, Nice housing and double switch for veg and bloom. Secondar 90 degree lens make light is more concetrate and more stronger, ensuring highest PAR to penetrate deep within the plant canopy,perfect for dense veg and flowers. Most efficient light for their growth stage, perfect for vegetative and flowering plants.

    MAX1200 Full Spectrum 12 Band
    Perfect spectrum: Far red: 730nm, Deep Red 660nm, Red 630nm, Orange 610nm, Blue 460nm 450nm 440nm ,UV 400nm, Yellow 585nm, Green 525nm, White: 3000K 6000K. The spectrum is more similar with sun light, Perfect color ratio for plant seeding growth and flower.

    90 Degree Secondary Optical Glass Lens, High PPFD, More coverage.
    MAX1200 use highest efficient 90 degree secondary optical glass lens, focus all light penetrate from leaf to root, and not waste light. Compare reflector, the light from glass lens is more stronger and more efficient. So greatly improve lights PPFD (Photosynthetic photon Flux Density), Increase plant light absorption, Accelerate the development of plant growth and shorten the plant growth cycle.

    MAX1200 Dual Switches - Veg and Bloom

    MAX1200 dual switches, control different spectrum at different stage. Most Blue Color is best for plant grow fast and stronger. At flower stage, more far red 730nm + Deep red 660nm is better for plant flower buds to grow fuller and fruit grow bigger. Dual switches is more suit for plant Light requirements at different stage.

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