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  • VIG750 Led Therapy Light
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    VIG750 Led Therapy Light
    • VIG750 Led Therapy Light
    • VIG750 Led Therapy Light
    • VIG750 Led Therapy Light
    • VIG750 Led Therapy Light
    Product Name:VIG750 Led Therapy Light
    Product Model:VIG750

    Led Chip:150pcs X 5W
    Avg Power: 205W
    Input voltage:AC 90-265v
    Color :Deep Red 660nm:Near Infrared 850nm


    Brife Introduction

    750W red light is made of 150PCS 5w high power led diodes which make lighting effective. 
    It emits a highly concentrated beam of 660 & 850nm light down a 60 degree are – ensuring usefulness over a long range and covering the full body.

    Good Heat Dissipation

    High speed whisper quiet fans plus ALL NEW upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks keep the light cooling. Uninterrupted heat sink holes on the house casing is better for heat dissipation.

    Why 660nm red & 850nm infrared light?

    Highly energy efficient and tuned to the best red & near-infrared light therapy wavelength, this product's light output coincides exactly with our cellular absorption in those ranges, ensuring maximum effects in the shortest time possible.

    How red light work ?

    Red light therapy penetrates deep into the dermis layer , stimulating cells that produce collagen.
    New collagen moves to the sur-face of the skin , reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
    The increase in collagen production smoothes the skin and reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.


    660 nm – 150pcs – Deep Red
    850 nm – 150pcs – Near-Infrared
    Separate switches for both


    Life Span 50,000+ hours
    Includes power cord & hanging kit

    How to use it ?

    A more comprehensive user guide is included with this product, with specific condition suggestions and how to position the light, but basic treatment is as such:
    ● Distance: Apply from 0 – 2 meters
    ● Session Time: Continue for 2 – 15 minutes, depending on distance
    ● Frequency: Do this 2 times to 14 times a week until results are felt
    ● Maintenance: Continue using several times a week

    How to install it ?

    1. Door/wall mounted, hang-able, stand alone.
    2. Turn the power on. Just need to switch on and than light work.
    3. Enjoy red light therapy.

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